Because Google's ending their 'free' programme for personal domains using GSuite (I've been on it for a decade or so) hoping to convert users into customers, I've started migrating my only GSuite -enabled domain's email away from Google over the weekend. I set up isync's 'mbsync' to move it automatically (all folders) to my MailCow server. Will write a blog post to help others, as it's tricky navigating Google's (almost certainly purposely) byzantine authentication requirements.


Huh - interesting thing just popped up on my timeline: Looks like Google have realised they're not converting users... I'm going to continue leaving Google, because otherwise, I'm just setting myself up for annoyance as they do other things to 'convert' me to a paying customer.

@lightweight I just logged into my admin dashboard and they've already quietly migrated me onto the "free" plan and removed all reminders about upgrading. I had previously filled out a survey about whether I was a business and had any plans to upgrade, where I answered "no", so they must have been collating all this feedback.

Thank you for posting this where I could stumble on it in the full timeline, I was stressing a LOT about migrating by their due date, now I can do it when I have time.

@screenbeard happy to help put your mind at ease. I've felt uneasy about my use of Google for a while, and it'll feel good when I'm fully divested and they no longer have any power over me.

@lightweight I feel the same way. I just need time to move the three or four other family members. Mainly putting off talking to them lol.

@screenbeard same. I also need to get my family to start actually using the password manager I've set up and been using for a few years. Ugh.

@lightweight Don't get me started on family and password managers! No, your birthday is NOT a great password dad!

@lightweight Too late.

It does mean I don't need to figure out how to transition my google accounts though (stopping using gmail is the easy one, finding something worth replacing google maps with is much harder)

@LovesTha I've had success with OSMAnd+ for most things. But not everything, mostly due to the fact that businesses don't know about OSM.

@lightweight Does it have a web interface that lets me interact with my starred locations?

@lightweight There website does not indicate a web interface at all :(

@LovesTha in OSMAnd+ - I have after having created a profile...

@lightweight Ahh, but that wont be accessible anywhere on my PC :(

@LovesTha I'm not sure. Would need to investigate further myself...

@lightweight Yeah, I think the current tools just don't have the use case I am covered :(

@lightweight Then there is the other issue I routinely have with that I currently use on android: it rarely opens a map link correctly :(

I'll try out OSMAnd+

@LovesTha @lightweight Tried very hard to leave Google. But really really really could not travel without the help of the google map (I have a terrible sense of direction). Gave up in the end...but never stopped looking for alternatives!

@YiGU @lightweight Some things are available in places, but nothing lets me:
* Star locations.
* Open location links on android.
* Work across mobile and desktop.

@LovesTha @YiGU think OSM will let you work across desktop and mobile... Not sure about opening location links - never tried that. Should be able to select any number of 'starred' locations (or otherwise record/remember locations).

@lightweight @YiGU OSM does let you work across devices, but has no concept of starred/favourited/etc :(

@LovesTha @YiGU I'll have to review my own account, but I seem to recall being able to select and remember locations of interest and annotate them in various ways...

@YiGU @LovesTha see my note regarding and their Android app, OSMAnd+ (there're other variations, too) which do nice turn-by-turn directions...

@lightweight I migrated to Proton a month or so ago, and I'm not going back. Google definitely screwed this up.

@lightweight Read: Someone did the math and decided that continuing to snoop on all that email is worth more than the subscription fee to them.

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