It's sad that this is necessary... but it's what we desperately need more of in NZ. People driving have a dangerous sense of entitlement here, and flout the road rules with impunity, entirely confident they'll never be held to account. So much so that they eventually forget the rules (if they ever knew them) they're brazenly and habitually flouting.

@lightweight UK used to be exactly the same *until* the cameras started appearing (firstly town and National Highways CCTV schemes and mobile cams in Police cars, now the "sousveillance" of cyclists and other motorists dashcams).

A lot of young drivers mistakenly think that the vehicle/pedestrian detectors at the top of traffic lights are miniature CCTV cameras (although some traffic lights in cities do also have actual CCTV cameras on them)

@lightweight citizen video footage should be used to issue more fines, but maybe a reduced rate.

And maybe some kick back to the filmer to create incentive.

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