I'm not a big fan of Lunduke, but this is very disappointing (but not unexpected): lunduke.substack.com/p/linux-f the Linux Foundation... doesn't have much to do with Linux. Some of what it does is possibly worthwhile, but its annual report is woefully obscure, opaque, and a lot of it seems to actively relegate Linux to the fringe.


Just looking for the annual report on their website, but don't see it. I do see, however, that just about all of their 'board' is made up of representatives from the Big 5 (and former big, e.g. IBM and VMWare) Tech firms. That explains plenty.

I also note that the Linux Foundation doesn't appear to have a presence in the Fediverse or on any open platforms, instead choosing only to use the centralised proprietary technologies of their board members' employers.


Most of them use MacOS over Linux, can't say i'm surprised they don't use Mastodon.

@PublicNuisance yeah, that's my impression. They're not big on walking the talk.

@drwho they're certainly not a community-focused organisation. They've got a huge staff to keep employed... so whatever concessions it takes, I guess.

@lightweight @drwho it's a 501(c)6 so while it's non-profit, it's not the non-profit people are familiar with - the (c)3

From Wikipedia:
> A 501(c)(6) organization is a business league, a chamber of commerce like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a real estate board, a board of trade, a professional football league or an organization like the Edison Electric Institute and the Security Industry Association, that are not organized for profit ...

@michel_slm @lightweight @drwho

its like a trade association here in Britain, I do some work for one which represents private health and social care companies as a secondment from my usual employer (who charge for my time at cost price). The trade association isn't meant to make a big profit (just to cover its costs) but it still represents the interests of private companies rather than any wider social change aim (although better conditions in health and social care are a positive thing)

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