It makes me sad to see that conferences of folks I once considered "my community", like, are only using proprietary centralised social media (from what I can see) and eschew distributed open media. I wonder what video conferencing system they'll use, and what back channels. I'm hopeful they'll use technologies for that, but seems like a long shot. Most "open" communities seem too harried to actually us open tools. Which strikes lots of sour notes.

@lightweight LCA used Venueless last year, which as "eventually open source" I guess is better than what most Red Hat affiliated conferences use (Hopin, fully proprietary). Not sure what they will use this year - I just realized I have not signed up yet - but I do wish more conferences use @matrix after @fosdem successfully used them last year!


@lightweight Hmmm, proprietary for their announcements (apart from the email channel of course).
For attendees there is IRC or matrix

If it is like last year they will be using for the conference itself. The platform code is available under a FOSSish licence

@bigblen as the premier event in the southern hemisphere, it's disappointing that they haven't seen fit to make the effort to use entirely FOSS for their conference. If they don't, who will? And what message does that sent to everyone? It's not even worth trying?

@lightweight Maybe an easy starting point might be to get FOSS conference organizers to put videos up on PeerTube. I know that ConfTube was serving that purpose for a long time.

@sean @lightweight This is exactly what Debian did. They also donated a lot of money to PeerTube so they could livestream their conferences on their own instance.

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