Cool to see the Linus Tech Tips guys trying GNU/Linux... great for to have that exposure... although I find myself being reminded of some Yank (from the US) tourists I've seen here in NZ (pre-Covid, of course)... asking where the nearest Starbucks was, so they could get a frappe hit, or 7/11 for a slushie, or being appalled by the lack of tipping in restaurants, or the fact that NZers generally don't give a hoot about (American) Football. 1/2

They see GNU/Linux via a Windows lens rather than appreciating it for the thriving ecosystem of software that it is, without the oppressive spectre (of the US | Microsoft) perpetually hovering in the background. 2/2

I also note that a lot of the problems they encounter have to do with their dependence on 3rd party proprietary apps that are either non-existent or relatively poorly supported on GNU/Linux due to the interests of their proprietor, so nothing to do with the world. To be fair, occasionally Linus or Luke will acknowledge that... but it'd be cool if they recognised that proprietary is the problem, not the solution. Again, that's where the "adjusting your expectations" stuff comes in.

@lightweight The root of the problem is that they care not a whit for software freedom or any of the ethics. They want to run proprietary entertainment software and have ZER0 interest in anything else.

@tejr @lightweight people dont care about free vs proprietary, so this doesnt even compare well to the scenario of foreigners visiting a country. lot of people use free software without thinking about it (vlc, obs, maybe firefox although mozilla's rule has dwindled) because it happens to work best for what theyre trying to do, not because its free. and honestly that should be free software's selling point: it needs to be objectively better than alternatives. freedom alone is not what makes most people use this shit

@wowaname @lightweight I have found that life becomes a lot nicer once you stop caring what most people do or believe


@tejr @wowaname I occasionally wonder how many pigs at pork farms wonder why they're fed so well. I suspect it's not many.

@lightweight @wowaname Not using proprietary software when you have any workable alternative at all became a matter of self-respect long ago.

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