Looks like Germany's leading the way with gov't focusing on it IT infrastructure serving it's constituents needs and preserving citizen data and politicial sovereignty. Too bad more governments haven't got to this point yet.

Ugh - the first 'it' should be its, and the "it's" should be "its" :)

@lightweight Lots of great synergy between government and open source

Hopefully more public funds can be used to support more foss public goods

I guess other governments are doing something on open source as well. But the fact that it ended up in the coalition agreement really gives an idea of the importance of the topic. That I find really cool.

@keunes Yeah, most governments are largely swayed by tech lobbyists, I think. Most politicians are woefully underinformed on tech, and surround themselves with 'helpful' tech multinational account managers and lobbyists who also help them write policy documents...

@keunes and (not even slightly) free trade agreements, e.g. TTIP and TPPA.

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