I wish more tech pundits (the sorts that get trotted out by radio stations and mainstream media to comment on tech developments) would actually decisively say: 'Big Tech' is against our (the mainsteam's) interest. Their dominance suits only their shareholders' interests, not those of the population as a whole. Big Tech (just like Big Pharma) need to be massively demoted.

@lightweight That would be nice, but if they're the sort of tech pundits I'm thinking about, they also wouldn't say no to a job at 'Big Tech'. :/

@cstanhope yes - that's the problem, eh. We need our media to cite the conflicts of interest their pundits have...

@cstanhope interestingly, the media *should* have a pretty huge interest in deprecating those 'Big Tech' players, too (as they've destroyed the media ad models, and usurped all the most sustainable channels) , and yet they don't... wonder why that is? Mainstream media always seem pro-mega-corporate, and seldom actively anti (promoting well considered rationale for holding that sort of position). I think the tide of public opinion would shift very quickly if we could defuse that weird alliance.

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