Just found out that my first peer reviewed paper in the educational realm (in the area of Open Educational Resources) has been published: Many thanks to the OER Foundation, my hard-working co-author Claire Goode, and to the good folks at the IRRODL journal for their help in making this happen!

@lauraritchie thanks :) - took a bit of doing, but nice to have that as a resource we can point folks towards. I hope it helps higher education find a new, sustainable model, and helps us divorce ourselves from the expensive and detrimental influence of mega multinational tech corporations and their closed technologies. I think the arguments for doing so are unassailable.

@lightweight @mackiwg

Great stuff. I can say from experience that there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes that aren't mentioned in this paper but which represent a lot of the real value of this work.

@Downes @mackiwg thanks Stephen. We've got a bunch of new things waiting in the wings... I'll be keen to see if any up-coming howtos might be worthy of a thorough Downesing :)

@lightweight @mackiwg You mentioned once an idea to standardize the basic OERu setup. Any progress on that?

@lightweight @mackiwg No, not quite. There's the LetsEncrypt and reverse proxy, which I think you also use everywhere. Then, once you've reached that point, a way to test that the basic setup works before moving on to the fun stuff.

@Downes @mackiwg hmm - ok, will need to find out more about what you'd like to see...

Thank you for your article.
It is a disappointment to see absence of other parts of the fediverse and no mention of protocols such as 'activitypub'.
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