Was just pondering the term "primitive religions" I've read in various places... it's a strange term because... primitive relative to what? It implies there's an 'advanced' or 'modern' religions... but what's the difference? One hasn't lapsed into myth yet?

@dave I think religion is an incongruous dip into the primitive in the lives of those who still believe. I can't relate. Totally alien to me.

@lightweight I think the word, "primitive", is used where the basic tenets are easily disproven by science. e.g., the sun being pulled across the sky in a cart. The "modern" religions rely almost wholly on belief with few physical claims making it much harder to disprove by science. (Proof isn't needed, as it's purely belief.) The morality must be flexible enough to allow the existence of "evil" within it's framework. e.g., "free will"

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