Windows 11 continues #Microsoft's long trend of mistreating users. Read why you're better off avoiding it:

@lightweight "Developing nonfree software is an inherently antisocial act, for it is intentionally choosing to create an unjust power structure, in which a developer knowingly keeps users powerless and dependent by withholding information."

The other option for most businesses would be: not develop software?

When talking about MS, it's fine and a good way to look at things.

But there is so much software that developing is inherently expensive, it is hard to see it not being closed.

@lightweight Obviously I firstly think about my job (yeah, what a surprise). I can't see a viable way to get Driver Monitoring Systems developed without the code being closed source.

The testing to develop the algorithms has to involve a lot of expensive real world testing.

Not doing that costs lives.

@LovesTha the better option: get public health funding for dev and make the code open. Your biz gets fairly compensated, and many people are helped. As a pleasant side effect you make it MUCH harder for proprietary devs to flog their wares. Do it quick, lest someone else beat you to the punch...

@lightweight Public health departments should be subsidising car manufacturing? I think I can see that, but it's going do be a hard sell for many.

But until that occurs, isn't funding the software dev the best way one can better than not writing the software?


@LovesTha that's a good question.. I'd lean towards no. Simply because, rather than oppress their users, like proprietary software cos do, this cos should be showing govts that their software is crucial public infrastructure that should be funded accordingly, like the road network. And all taxpayer funded code should be copyleft licensed.

Arguing DMS is crucial would require arguing that state of the art driver assistants are crucial and remove from sale/use pretty much every car.

Your last sentence is patently true. I think it should also apply to anything they purchase, not just commission.

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