Windows 11 continues #Microsoft's long trend of mistreating users. Read why you're better off avoiding it:

@lightweight "Developing nonfree software is an inherently antisocial act, for it is intentionally choosing to create an unjust power structure, in which a developer knowingly keeps users powerless and dependent by withholding information."

The other option for most businesses would be: not develop software?

When talking about MS, it's fine and a good way to look at things.

But there is so much software that developing is inherently expensive, it is hard to see it not being closed.


@LovesTha dunno if I agree with your conclusion. I ran a software dev shop for 14 year, and we only created open source software... It's a viable proposition. What's more, if people (rightly) rejected the use of proprietary software (due to the aforementioned power imbalance... It'd be the only viable option.

@lightweight That a company can survive/thrive creating open source software isn't proof that all software can be, just that some can be (and anyone trying to claim that foss is impossible for all software has some reality to check)

@LovesTha agreed. I merely point out that it's possible because I've done it.

@lightweight Oh, and my last sentence was bad.

"so much" should be "some"

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