First Microsoft 'saving us' with a plan to build an Azure zone in NZ and now Amazon... massive Digital Corporate Colonialism incoming.

@lightweight $7.5 billion... they get away with it by operating at a literally incomprehensible scale

@lightweight looking at the number and knowing it is real feels like also believing in unicorns or something

@specter I bet almost all of that $$ will go to US-based consultants and imported specialists... when will our gov'ts realise that "trickle-down economics" was always a joke laughed at by the ueber-wealthy.

@specter and not just 'laughed at' - but also invented and enjoyed by them.

@lightweight I bet plenty is going to your government or governmental influencers. "Jobs creation" is just part of the big lie, but if it wins you reelection then... @specter

@specter it'll be interesting to see if a) they pay sufficient tax, and b) if the gov't is sickeningly obsequeous to them like it is to the other members of the Frightful Five.

@lightweight if I were to guess a) never has; never will b) yes until gov't isn't at the mercy of economy, so yes.

but I really hope to be wrong

@lightweight Especially if it encourages government developments that can’t see past Microsoft but haven’t got into cloud computing because of data sovereignty concerns.

@pkboi Sadly, the far more noble locally owned clouds in NZ that've been almost entirely ignored by gov't for a decade will be further pushed to the margins like the moa by the predatory tactics of these invasive over-marketed pests.

@lightweight There is not much to do in the short term as the massive expansion of these 'clouds' is also due to the implosion of older corporate inhouse IT

But insisting on vendor compatibility, multi-cloud and given the largely linux stack means that a lock-in is less likely

The ultimate goal is open source 'home clouds' and implicitly they prove this is entirely possible

@openrisk the only issue: AWS and Azure have proprietary APIs, and any company building their systems around one of these services is voluntarily locking themselves in (most of them aren't sharp enough to realise how fundamentally this limits them & opens them for exploitation)... interestingly, the long-existing NZ-based locally run Cloud created by a decade+ ago is a cutting edge open source, open standards compliant OpenStack implementation. Unlike AWS or Azure.

@lightweight @openrisk I hate it when local news repeatedly overlooks Catalyst Cloud whenever it would be relevant!

@alcinnz @openrisk yup - either amazing unfitness for purpose among tech-journalists or an active conspiracy.

@lightweight @alcinnz @openrisk That's when you do counter-journalism, and phone the journalists, say you're writing an article about tech-journalists attention on big stuff and ignoring local companies and ask them some questions.

@doctormo @alcinnz @openrisk interesting idea... I do have contact with a few of the guilty parties... (NZ is a small place :) )

@doctormo @alcinnz @openrisk I have called a few of them on it... mostly, they've said stuff like "well, the people paying me to write about this stuff don't want that sort of thing promoted" or, "I have to write what the people paying me want", or "well, those businesses don't buy our advertising". All smacking of lacking journalistic integrity and mercenary mentality - shows how desperately bad the journalism situation has become.

@lightweight @doctormo @alcinnz @openrisk Or “I have all these media releases or PR pitches to rewrite into stories.” Journalists get swamped with this stuff and if you’re expected to produce several stories a day it’s the easy way out.

@lightweight @alcinnz @openrisk

That looks like a pretty good article to me. Especially since it sings of corruption and a lack of seriousness about just how important local technology is, both politically, and economically to a small power like nz. Stuff in the bit about techno-colonialism and shop it around and see if there's someone who'll take it :-D

@lightweight @alcinnz for the longest time tech "journalism" has been little more than hyperventilating advertorials informing the "market" about what they must buy next

The idea that digital technology is actually an element of how society is being (re)organized and thus has important economic, social, political repercussions is still an outlier

The irony is that journalism itself got annihilated by big tech as part of that same process

Aye. Complete with 'over 1000 new jobs' bullshit... There might be a bit of work for existing nz building and infrastructure people but equipment fit out and operation will all be done by people flown in and out as required.

And all the fees will *still* go offshore to the parent company...

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