Next year, my older son starts highschool. They use MS Office 365, which I consider a tragic waste. I feel very strongly that my boy shouldn't have to install any Microsoft (or any other proprietary) products in order to study at a public school. It's ethically indefensible, esp on his Linux-powered laptop. He can use excellent, functionally equivalent & if the tech staff don't 'get it' & insist on MSO, then they'll have a major problem on their hands. Summary:

@lightweight he won't have to install anything, office is a webapp these days

@guenther no it isn't, really. Plus it's still nasty proprietary software with unpalatable terms of use. It's a gross injustice on school kids to let the use it, much less to require them to do so. It's digital colonisation of our kids.

@lightweight Microsoft will indeed have very good insight into who your son is by the time he graduates.

@guenther not if he doesn't use any of their software... time will tell, but I think I've got a strong advantage.

@lightweight just make sure your son is in on this and doesn't start to hate you for being the annoying fossnazi dad :|

@guenther understood, and I agree (although not with the "FOSSNazi" characterisation. My position is both positive and anti-evil, not the reverse, so the term 'Nazi' doesn't apply in any useful sense). I'll make sure my boy's on board before I do anything that can blow back on him.

@lightweight @guenther A lot of contemporary software is really just digital colonialism. More people need to recognize that, because once it's understood then maybe we can begin the anti-colonial struggle for real.

@lightweight my son during covid shutdow. School used ms teams. Had to install ms intune om the Android tablet.

Oh btw. School has a Minecraft education edition license for all pupils. Turns out Minecraft education edition only works on ios, not Android.
(And chromoos, so there might be a Linux port?)

@andreasio wow, that's frustrating. We run a Java-based Minecraft server at home on our Linux server. Our boys garnered a bit of respect from their friends for being able to provide a place for their friends to play together... Our boys take a pretty dim view of the "bedrock" Minecraft client... they all prefer the Java version.

What spec is needed for a server? Im a bit dismayed that even a 8gig 2011 mb pro can't run the game smoothly. (The computer he uses currently... Old. Yes. But... Still)

Another woe: MS owns mojang/Microsoft. Kid has a child's account. As per MS support, I can't enable e.g. realms and servers in his Android tablet, because that requires the Microsoft family app... Which is but available for Android tablets.. it's unbelievable.

@andreasio Yeah, MSFT hoped to gain a foothold with a younger audience by basking in the glow of Mojang, but they screwed that up like they do everything they touch. We run the Java version without major issues on a low-end 8yo Intel box with 8GB RAM... My boys (9 & 12) were very cross when they were forced to create MSFT logins to access the Java client, even to connect to our own server (they run the client on refurbished Linux laptops).

@andreasio I even recently overheard my older boy saying to a friend "you know, I hate Microsoft". Parenting win! ;)

This is extremely interesting. Thanks. What specs do the laptop have (how old).

@andreasio I got a refurbished Thinkpad X1 Carbon (Gen4) for NZD500 in the Boxing Day sale at a local tech shop... works well.

@andreasio afraid I can't make much sense of it... but my recommendation regardless: divorce yourself (and kids) from Microsoft :) (I wrote this recently which is relevant - is it valid in DK also? )

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