Could it be that Kiwibank is again being DDoS'd? Getting 'upstream request timeout'... :(

@lightweight it’d be hilarious if the trannies mistook it as having a connection to the farms.

@lightweight looks like there are a bunch of people complaining for the last day or so about their up time

@NeuroWinter based on what I've seen (I've spoken to their corporate IT security chief to discuss some of their practices) they're about 10 years behind in online practice, and they use terminal services in all their branches. Blech. What a broken model.

@lightweight wow how have they not seen the error in their ways, and made steps to remedy it ?

@NeuroWinter heh... maybe. I posted on FB to update folks following the story there to the 'change of heart'... and included in that post (just to prove it), and upon saving it, immediately got a notification that an *old* post with in it had been blocked for breaching FB's community standards... so I'm guessing they're some weird discontinuities in the way they roll out policy updates.

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