I just had to break it to one of my consulting clients - who requested me to take part in a meeting with their staff and other consultants - that I don't use MS Teams. Or any other MS software. It's (my) company policy. I provided them with a link to one of the BigBlueButton instances I run onshore in Aotearoa instead. Which'll be better in every way in any case.

And I can report that they accepted my offer to use BigBlueButton instead without an issue.

@yojimbo No, but I think I will formalise it. It's probably a good idea to list 'no-go' issues of principle in terms of reference/engagement.

@lightweight I'd extend "software" to include services and possibly hardware ...

Not using Microsoft software sounds more like not using Word, rather than not using Github, for example.

@yojimbo I think that's covered by my "accepting terms" limitation...

@lightweight excellent. The coop i work in would like to take similar approach. Out of interest - how did they respond?

@lightweight well its hard to see how to impact broader cultural change & systems shift if we don't start trying this type of thing in our own spheres of influence. Good on you

@lightweight Oh wow! This is fabulous. I refuse to use a lot of nasty software and services, and always feel like the only one doing that.

@KolokokoBird I suspect there are more of us doing it (or wishing they could) than either of us think... We just need to legitimise it... by doing it and letting others know the world doesn't end if we do! :)

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