For my Facebook friends, I recommend that we start breaking away from Facebook by using decentralised, anti-corporate, community-run, open source social media like Mastodon (see and eventually leave FB's shareholders and Zuck to their own devices... without our help. What do you reckon?

Folks - feel free to post a link to this on FB to see if we can trigger their anti-spam blockage :)

@FastLearner heh - well, it's a bit early to say, but I'm hopeful 😎

Also, if someone needs groups, there's this project I'm writing this from that has them.

@lightweight the only problem is the mastodon is not exactly a facebook replacement.

Not particularly clear why its the twitter analog that got traction in the fediverse. Maybe cause its mostly techies who frequent here and they dont need the facebook=your webpage functionality

Not a fan of either format, just saying the friction for migration would be less

@openrisk I guess I'm not suggesting it's a replacement for FB, just a different channel that has advantages. There are quite good FOSS federated FB alternatives, too.

@lightweight there are several but in comparison with mastodon very small adoption and still preliminary as experiences. only tried socialhome briefly.

most people probably tired of facebook anyway, but there is a built-in trap: so many content creators (artists, bloggers, whatever) treat it as their free "website".

in many parts of the world almost exclusively so

@openrisk @lightweight

the Facebook trap is even more an issue with non tech small businesses; so many of them now abandon their independent website (and even communicating by email or telephone) in favour of using Facebook, I've noticed this happening a lot in the skilled trades and with car-related businesses...

@vfrmedia @lightweight

its a very unhealthy situation. not just because the whole thing is funded by immoral and hidden user profiles / data trades etc

you also get the "promotion" algorithms of a single entity basically controlling the entire existence of those small shops and individuals. they can be "wiped out" at whim (that's why its been called neo-feudal)

one day the #fediverse will wake up and realize that besides all other motivations, there is also an entire economy to support 🙂

@openrisk @lightweight in UK (possibly rest of Northern Europe too) this is currently hidden by a shortage of skilled workers so the businesses aren't short of customers anyway), but what concerns me is small businesses delegating so much customer service/admin/logistics work to these platforms (Amazon is far more embedded in this respect) and these other skills being lost locally...

@vfrmedia @lightweight yep, the amazon angle very important for any business that moves anything physical

taking one step back the gloomy bigger picture is that I don't think anybody really tracks what kind of choke points and fragilities are inserted in economies around the world with this extraordinary amount of centralization

it will turn out that economists didn't include big tech in their models (just like they didn't include banks a few years ago)

@openrisk @lightweight

the problem with many fragilities is they are not immediately apparent (such as how privatising public utilities, and ruthless competition led to cutting back on training and 40 years later created a shortage of skilled workers, which is biting everyone in the UK on the arse (particularly as we voted for Brexit and lost the co-operation with the rest of mainland Europe)

@openrisk @vfrmedia yup. I think a lot of the policy thinkers advising gov't are insufficiently savvy for their roles.


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

@lightweight Thank you ... part of an on-going project to have the ability to engage in conversations that are (a) manageable, (b) non-linear, and (c) constructive.

A forlorn hope, but the visualisations I've got here and elsewhere help me, so maybe they'll help others.

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