Is anyone else in NZ noticing slow international net access? Are we again being hit by a DDOS?

@alcinnz hah - the spinoff site isn't loading for me... the spinner's just spinning :)

@lightweight not seeing any abnormal internet traffic on my servers, there's the normal door knocking, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'll run a few speed tests when I get home.

@nick it seems to come and go now... Things feel ok now... but earlier in the day, I ran some int'l speed tests and did some local Linux system upgrades and found I was getting about 4k/s transfer rates...

@lightweight understood. Are you using a global mirror? I switched to an Australian mirror a while back because of a similar issue. But it may not be related.

@nick yeah, using an Aussie mirror for some machines and a more local but slower one for others.

@lightweight I did a few tests with remote locations. I couldnt see any major anomolies aside from a few DNF which is normal for India and Iceland.

Hope that helps!

The results are here:
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