Facinating... Gmail is spam binning my self-hosted email despite mail-tester.com reporting a 10/10 compliance with all relevant creds and that I'm not on any blacklists... Hard not to take this personally. **scratches chin

@lightweight Hi, welcome to my world. I more and more find electronic services closing me out, mis-flagging, etc. Coordinated? My patterns just match tripwires? Who knows?

I'm just glad that (so far) it hasn't bled over to the banking and credit side of the world.

But I'm very much a self-hosted services kind of guy. Due originally to philosophy, but now also because it's the best defense.

@vandys @lightweight it's been the case with our email host and we haven't been able to change anything about it for years. We are just completely powerless in front of behemoths like Google.
Same sentiment even with an account on one of their products: our problem with a video on PlaySite never got a reply, and we were redirected to the community support forum, and no response there either.
To the tech behemoths, individuals are just one data point. That's how it feels to me right now.

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