This may be one of those polls where there is no wrong choice, but I am curious what people think. Which company do people believe is more hostile to GNU/Linux and/or FOSS practices?

@tychosoft Let me say Google as a less obvious, more insidious threat than the ones listed.

@alcinnz @tychosoft I'd say there's a cartel of anti-FOSS corporations. The Frightful Five are leaders, but there're many other participants (e.g. Oracle, Salesforce, Twitter, and we can't forget Adobe, plus many others).

@lightweight @tychosoft True, and unlike early Microsoft they won't admit their anti-FOSSness to you. They'll say "Look at all the code we opensource!".


@alcinnz @tychosoft we also have to remember that 'open source' to them means 'weakly licensed, corporate-exploitable-without-giving-back' open source, *not* Copyleft. Never copyleft. Copyleft is a like a right angle (or a crucifix) to a vampire.

@alcinnz @tychosoft and they use their very very contrived idea of supporting FOSS to attract young, idealistic developers until such time as they can infect them with the self-righteousness of proprietary developer with a Silicon Valley mortgage to pay.

@alcinnz @tychosoft *infect them with the self-rigtheous *mindset* of the ...

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