It really bugs me how everyone around me (kids and wife getting back into schooling during lockdown) is constantly talking about "Zoom" this or that... I run/take part in video conferences every day but haven't used Zoom (or any other proprietary service) in well over a year.

We're indoctrinating our entire population into thinking that they can't function without the miracle (**spits) of Zoom/MS Teams/Google Hangouts/Webex, etc. Well, that's bullshit. Talk about sowing learned helplessness & foreign corporate dependence. Why aren't our national educational authorities (yes, NZ Min of Ed, looking at you) organising a far more cost-effective, proven, *local* services for education, like using BigBlueButton? They have *no idea* what they're doing with regard to tech.

If our Min of Ed invested in this on a national level, I'm supremely confident that they'd save money, in addition to removing a major contributor to trade imbalance, and breaking a dependence on foreign organisations, a threat to NZer privacy & sovereignty, & improve the tax take (services would be provided by NZ-based companies & individuals, subject to NZ tax!) . Moreover, it'd increase skills in NZ's tech industry, create good jobs & allow NZ learners an active role in their own education.

@lightweight because lazy. It's a known solution they can "roll out" with the least effort. I mean, none.
It makes me angry also.

@swansinflight they had time to come up with a better solution since last year. But they didn't. Because they don't have a single person on staff who's capable of making an informed decision, even though they *exist* to be educators. They seem to have zero motivation to seek out knowledge. I don't respect that attitude.

@lightweight correct. Though, surely the point would be to hire someone in an IT field to sort this out, like it's literally not an educators job to know this stuff? I feel like they'd just go the usual MS route though anyway, because salepeople freakn everywhere.. mmm. Dunno.

@swansinflight and yes, our gov't needs to take a LOT more notice of vested/pecuniary interests of people it consults. I think the NZ gov't is effectively corrupted by its indifference.

@lightweight I couldn't agree more. Especially the curent one.

@swansinflight I'm afraid there aren't any 'good' politicians in that regard. The only party whose values I admire are the Greens, although, with a few exceptions, their capabilities competence is in question. I have zero time for any of our conservative politicians (National/ACT/New Conservatives/etc.).


@swansinflight should've been an & between capabilities & competence :)

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