Quick question: is anyone else out there with a Radeon 5500 XT graphics card seeing font rendering corruption (e.g. missing and corrupted characters) *only affecting Firefox versions from 85ish-90* and no other apps? I'm trying to figure out what's happening. Fwiw, I'm running Linux Mint 20.2 and a 5.12.x kernel (due to the amdgpu support).


I'm not seeing reports from other of the problem. Also, the issue is fixed (temporarily) with a FF restart - it gets worse over time, and starts to show up sometimes within minutes of the restart.

I'm wondering if it's some obscure setting I changed in FF ages ago for some unrelated issue (e.g. to try to get hardware acceleration) that's now got this as a side-effect. I've been through the config settings, but nothing obvious...

I had something similar happen because I changed the type of video cable I was using.

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