Wow, I gotta say Facebook's comment threading is incredibly poorly implemented. It's impossible to see who's said what if you get a notification of a reply to a comment - you have to do a serial search through every nested conversation despite some of one's own comments being preferentially shown (ostensibly to compel one's friends to join the convo).


I'm not a fan of the platform - the *only* thing they have going for them is the Network Effect... Aand despite being one of the richest (most exploitative and generally risible) corporations in history, their software is still pretty unusable.

@lightweight I’m not sure the fedi has the disk space collectively to list out all the horribly implemented features on FB and why... Lolz 😆

@seven indeed. I can't help thinking that some of the bad design is actually good in FB's opinion, as maybe their tests show better "stickiness" among pig-headed posters (like me :) ) if the tools kinda suck.

@lightweight I’m going to go out on a limb and say you aren’t their target audience… No offense intended ;)

@seven I suspect you're right... although I suspect that they have quite a range of audience personae for whom they cater...

@lightweight Oh don’t get me wrong they would be happy to have you as a… uhhh… customer isn’t the right word… product is more accurate. But they definitely are more interested in getting as many… uhm… complacent “products” as they can acquire. They make up their loss on you with volume. ;)
@lightweight What was the one a while back used by some political guy?

Something like “human capital” or “human stock” something like that…

@lightweight Yes...much like Microsoft. When the end goal is money and power, all other considerations (e.g., usability) are secondary.

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