Moral dilemma: a neighbour was recently made redundant and is looking for work. I asked him what sort of work he was looking for - he'd been working "in finance" (not sure what that really means) but he was applying for account management and biz dev roles... including for Coca Cola... I cringed (inwardly, I hope) at the mention. I think the job we do is an ethical decision, and I think Coca Cola is a peer of Microsoft in terms of damage done to society & the world.Hope he gets a different role.

@lightweight I hear you but I've spent 5 years now trying to get work in areas I consider ethical (health, welfare, education, open source) and absolutely fucking nothing. 106 applications. 20 interviews. Quite capable in every role I've applied for and nada.
I am completely screwed and my ethics are under attack.

@carl_klitscher yes, I'm very disappointed for you, too. It seems to reflect the level to which our gov't is committed to the wrong path with regard to digital technology. It makes our advocacy for an open standards procurement mandate and focus on FOSS (funded as digital infrastructure, like roads or public health or education) that much more important. I think your experience is unjust for sure. Are you suggesting you'll need to take a role that is actively counter your principles to survive?

@lightweight yup.
I get why people think the MCSSA is a good deal as it gets the NZ taxpayer a discount but the unintended consequence is that it's being treated like an AoG contract when it isn't and the abuse isn't being dealt with... Unless you commit to Azure skills and an MS dogma you will get nowhere... It is just too fucking hard for the mediocre middle management in the NZ public service to consider anything else even though the procurement rules and gov policy clearly state otherwise.


@carl_klitscher the gov't needs to be shown, forcefully, that you can't get "a good deal" from a monopolist. It's not a thing. There's literally nothing to compare it to. If the UK's experience is anything to go by, the non-Microsoft options for "productivity software" were - get this - quoted at *4%* the MSFT cost. The bureaucrats didn't even consider the LibreOffice option because they thought it was a joke. They're just used to the taxpayer being robbed blind with monopoly rents.

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