IT monocultures, just like ecosystems lacking diversity, are ripe for exploitation and total collapse. The recent spate of ransomware is a digital infection in an environment that was *designed* to be brittle, in the mistaken impression that that would be lower cost and more manageable. IT in our institutions are designed by people who are insufficiently skilled. They've created cultures of disempowerment, so the good people leave, and the incompetents dig in, forming dysfunctional fyfedoms.


@drh with Windows <=10 there's a huge array of known flaws to exploit :) Due to their dependence on legacy apps, most institutions are no where near up-to-date with all their systems, so it's just a matter of cycling through known exploits until you find one. I'd never run Windows in the enterprise, and I'd never allow Windows-only 3rd party software - it guarantees a decrepit IT infrastructure.

@lightweight well said and thanks for the knowledge it's valuable to me.


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