Wow the IRS (the US' tax department) has the most insipid hold music... and you invariably get to know it very well.

Normally, the IRS tells me that their lines are too busy, and ring back another day (they say to use their website, but because I'm overseas & have no US driver's license, I can't create an account)... today they finally let me join the queue, telling me the wait time is 15-30 minutes. Been waiting 50 minutes so far, and this is a toll call.

wow! Finally got through to someone at 54 minutes. They can't help me, but have transferred me to someone else... and there's a wait time of 30-60 minutes to talk to them.

Holy shit, what an insanely dysfunctional organisation.


So I've now heard this same absurdly bland elevator song 20+ times in a row, broken only by "All our operators are still busy, please hold". I'm sure the music is designed to calm angry people... but frankly, that only makes me more incensed.

Holy crap. Finally got through to them, finally got my identify verified, so now they're finally willing to update my postal address in NZ... and then it turns out the IRS system *cannot handle NZ addresses with only 4 digit postal codes*. WTAF?! They frickin' want my money, they can frickin' well write a fit for purpose taxpayer management system.

Ended the call with (longsuffering) operator saying she'd work out how to enter my updated address into their system (it was erroring no matter what she tried) after the call... somehow not having it fixed (and confirmed) fills me with dread. I do *not* want to go through that again. 4 minutes short of 2 hours on the phone.

@lightweight They're USians, they are oblivious that their customs aren't universal.

Wish we could challenge these devs to wrap their heads around OpenStreetMaps Nominatim!

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