My university seems to be continuing is slide into MS control. Can't really have a local server to host things anymore. Can't really even have my own web pages hosted by the university.

Pretty much all of the tech knowledge is being outsourced to big tech companies.

Really makes me appreciate the stuff I see at places like OERu. Which I think is largely maintained by @lightweight


@drb that's very kind, Devin! We'd love to have your University join the OERu network! :) - You should mention if you have allies in the administration, feel free to point them at you'd be in good company:

I did see that on the website. The uni's financial situation might not be in a place to do much of anything at the moment but I'll keep an eye on it.

@drb our annual membership fees are incredibly modest - probably less than a single seat of some of the Uni's more expensive proprietary software tools... or a rounding error on a departmental budget ;)

@drb departments can join independently, too :) - in any case, as an open charitable foundation, happy to chat and nothing to hide.

@drb if your university identified just one service from our many proven services ( ) and deployed it for the benefit of your university, they're likely to save many times the membership cost. And with your CC-By Basic Principles of Work and Energy videos, you're already most of the way towards providing two OER-based courses for learners across the globe!.😉 Just sayin'

@lightweight @drb

Some kind of action program would be nice, where student bodies 'unionize' on using proper tech. Having their own platform, they take everything from the walled garden tech, process and collaborate on their own terms, and only send final results back on a minimal-as-possible interaction basis.

@lightweight neat, especially LiDA101 seems important.

is oeru designed or intended or already ready to federate or even just replicate? i mean, hypothetically, if i myself run wp, discourse, masto (can't run myself i guess), can my node be a part of oeru, serving a part of the content or replicating all content for my audience?

it would increase maintainence, but make redundancy, local-only customization, etc. possible.


@wyatwerp @humanetech Yes - all our courses are designed for others to replicate at their whim. Universities can offer formal academic credit for them without the investment in building their own courses. Each course is already accredited by one or more of our partner institutions.... so lots of options. Happy to discuss it further!

@wyatwerp @humanetech and thanks - the LiDA series of micro courses are pretty cool (I didn't write them :) ) and I believe the material they cover is essential material for pretty much everyone trying to function safely and effectively in an increasingly digital world.

Computer says

"Digital literacies for online learning", so is LiDA for Literacy in the Digital Age?

@drb @lightweight
Devin - If you're interested in exploring options, the OER Foundation would be happy to arrange an informal, non-committal web call to see how we can extend the benefits of OER in your part of the world.

@mackiwg @lightweight I'd be happy to chat some time, just please don't overestimate my influence on my campus. I do have a course that I developed a few years ago that I think would be a good fit for this model.

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