So... Wordpress is now 40% of *all* websites (and probably well north of 60% of all non-static websites). That's 4-6 times more than the next most widely used online platform (which is either Drupal or Joomla depending on who you ask - both are open source,). Free software (Drupal is also Copyleft licensed) rules the Internet by a very wide (probably unassailable) margin.And, amazingly, it's steadily increasing its market share.

@lightweight Amazing. I keep going back to Wordpress every time I go away from it, it's just easy and flexible. I still look forward to other alternatives continuing to emerge. Like Ghost, for example.

@ray yeah, it is amazing. I"m not sure Ghost's offering is sufficiently compelling to get people to switch, but it's great that it's also .

@ray and there're plenty of other very cool options. I think the biggest proprietary option is probably Wix, at ~1%... Which is where proprietary belongs - at the fringe, if anywhere at all.

@lightweight Agreed. I bolted back to WP after trying Ghost but I’m aware WP is way ahead development time wise. I keep an eye out for up and coming solutions cuz I like to support the little guys.
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