Someone discouraged me in my FOSS advocacy yesterday by saying "but, the stuff you're promoting... it's not *familiar* to people, so they won't use it"... It occurs to me that folks smoking used to be very familiar to people until a few years ago... today, I'm hard pressed to think of a single person I know who smokes. Culture changes. It's on us to make sure it's for the better.

@lightweight I completely agree with you. However there is definitely a higher learning curve when it comes to FOSS so it should be a priority to reduce friction for newbies to partake.

@ray of course. That's what schools are for :) - there should be no proprietary software in public schools. None. National education bodies should put some of the money they currently waste on licenses for proprietary software on funding usability improvements in the FOSS software. The rest they should invest in helping teachers develop better digital skills.

@ray thanks. I've written this up on how digital tech should be taught in schools (this is a proven, successful, model): - there's a whole (openly licensed) book available there for download.

@lightweight Niiiice! Am going to order a paperback and donate it to a local school when done with it. Our school district is pretty liberal about these kind of things so hopefully it can nudge them in that direction.
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