If someone you know wants to create an amazing digital image, here's an amazing tool to try right now: Inkscape - - there're thousands of video tutorials & docs on line. It saves kids & institutions the outrageous per-seat cost of the "professional" tools (which, honestly, are totally unnecessary). With fully Free and open source software like Inkscape, we can remove barriers to education. This is how we achieve digital equity. No corporations required.

@lightweight I convinced the IT department to make #Inkscape easily installable for everyone in my firm. (I'm probably the only one who uses it though.)

@mpjgregoire sometimes takes folks a long time to see good sense. That's why we have to be patient and persevere. Also, a lot of people are desperately vulnerable to marketing. We need to help them save themselves from that unhelpful proclivity :)

@mpjgregoire if they read English, show them this: - to me the argument is pretty unassailable. (and feel free to translate it if you like :) )

@lightweight @mpjgregoire Yeah, at my work it was a slow roll, but we've adopted a number of FOSS programs into our daily work over time, in no small part because those are the ones I made easily available for folks and was eager to help them with. Lack of familiarity is hard to overcome, but then you can reach a certain critical mass where familiarity is being created just by osmosis of others' experiences!

@keithzg @mpjgregoire yup - it just we first-movers who have to shoulder a heavy load... but if we work on it together to overcome the inertia of brain-dead marketing... we might be in with a chance!

@lightweight @mpjgregoire I'd add that in the image editing space, there are some others to try if someone bounces off of Inkscape, notably:

* Krita is a nice and very fully featured image editor in a classic mold (ie. it's mainly about editing bitmaps, unlike Inkscape which is mainly about editing vectors). Particularly oriented towards people who do drawing on computers, although I use it a lot myself and am definitely not a graphical artist, heh. Like Inkscape, there are downloads for basically every desktop OS out there.

* KolourPaint is a Free Software reimplementation of classic Microsoft Paint, basically. If someone's very familiar with Paint, and is finding any other image editing programs overwhelming (or just hates the ribbon menu on the current version of Paint on Windows), KolourPaint is there for them :) doesn't list Windows or macOS downloads but I'm sure it's possible; hell, a little while back swear I generated an installer for Windows myself! In fact if you check in a bit I might reboot into Windows and generate a package . . .

@keithzg @mpjgregoire Hadn't seen KolourPaint before (like the spelling :) ) and yes, Krita is great for raster images (and the Gimp or Glimpse are also extremely mature and worth exploring).

@lightweight @keithzg Oh, where I work we use #Inkscape to produce small #sketches to include in design notes. #FreeBodyDiagrams, bending moments, maybe bolt arrangements. Doesn't need to be exactly to scale. Only vector drawings are appropriate.

I've seen people trying to mark dimensions or draw arrows for such sketches with MS Paint... like trying to pound in a nail using a screwdriver.

#engineering #génie

@lightweight @mpjgregoire Yeah for years I used GIMP fairly exclusively, to some degree Krita has gotten much more polished and usable over the years but I've also made a concerted effort to try and use it to get more used to it in general; also Krita actually scales correctly on my main setup while GIMP, being GTK-based, sadly does not last I checked.


I do a lot with Inkscape, but I do offer one caution : If you have a lot of fonts installed on your system ― say, if you have TeXLive installed ― Inkscape may hang up or crash during text-manipulation operations, especially when trying to change fonts.

@publius good to know. Thanks for the tip (I suspect other apps have similar problems).

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