Fascinating to hear Minister Parker slamming corporations related to lack of accountability and dishonourable behaviour like leaving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of improperly stored toxic waste in Southland... Note, this is the same minister who showed the CPTPPA down NZ's gullet (despite his party being elected, in part, due to *campaigning against it*)... effectively giving foreign corporations the keys to NZ... see

@phil "free". The word's a total misnomer in this context, (mis)used by gov'ts and corporations to sneak *trade restriction* agreements through without major public opposition. The media universally take the framers (who inevitably call what they're proposing a "Free Trade Agreement") at their word - their credulity is maddening. The TPPA (like the TTIP) is *not* an FTA in any sense. It's 6000 pages of new (virtual - copyright/patent/corporate protectionism) restrictions. Nothing free about it.

@phil and, though few people realise it, it was entirely written by lawyers working for US multinational corporations.

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