Listening to an AU interviewee on RNZ talking about the "lost of services" related to the Facebook block on AU use... it highlights how blindly dependent so many organisations in AU are on FB and how they *shouldn't be*. It's their own fault. FB cannot and should not be depended on. It's foolish for community organisations and gov'ts to do so.

Gov'ts and civil society cannot afford to be dependent (as they have very foolishly allowed themselves to become, worldwide) on a handful of US multinational tech corporations. The problem isn't FB's action - it's the fact that Gov'ts are up-in-arms about it because they've got all their eggs in the Facebook basket. I pity them their lack of comprehension (I've been warning our gov't about this for 20+ years) and the deleterious effect it has on all of us.

Yeah, and there are extra issues with Privacy and healthcare further out as well. In the more distant clinics, patients photos of their condition ending up on the doctors icloud account as it's easier that way. That's before you get to other privacy breaches. Systems are built badly, and people use what they find easiest. Which is how we got here, with Facebook being critical communications infrastructure 😑


@onepict I would argue that we're in a digital dark age - our information tech policy is being determined by people almost entirely incapable of doing it competently... see

Oh I like that term. Plus we could consider comparing the big five to feudal Lords. Yeah we get stuff for free, but what do we end up giving back? Everything about us. You can expand on that and consider doing comparisons to history. John Wycliffe + Gutenberg started a pull for freedom in terms of dissemination of information with the English translation of the Bible, and Gutenberg printing. Being able to read the bible in your own language really was challenging the status quo.

@lightweight @onepict it's willful ignorance on the part of the lawmakers - they have advisers if they choose to listen to them, but instead they listen to corporate lobbyists and their brown envelopes. Corruption is normal, not exceptional.

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