Just goes to show that whether through greed or incompetence (or both!), tech corporations are loose with user privacy: - and if not now, then sometime in the future (they all stipulate they can change their Ts&Cs at their discretion, without disclosure) it's pretty much inevitable. Best solution if you value privacy: host your own (i.e. ).

@lightweight Imagine someone using Microsoft services expecting privacy. #eyeroll I think we've also established that Canonical is in it for the money. #capitalism

This article was more of a stab at open source, than at Microsoft, but #zdnet...

@lwriemen yeah. I'm pretty unimpressed by the way that (presumably) MSFT's advertising $$ mean all the trade rags fawn all over them. They're certainly happy to promote MSFT as a (faux) open source corporation... To the naive viewer, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish looks lovely in its early stages.

@lwriemen And yeah, I'm very disappointed by Canonical's association with Microsoft - I can't imagine how Mark Shuttleworth thinks it's a good idea. They're not a worthy partner for anything.

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