Truth! - kids at schools need to be using (no $, no piracy, open file formats, etc.) tools for digital art! Using proprietary tools is great for the proprietors and limits opportunities for everyone else.

@lightweight We're teaching everyone we can how to use Inkscape (which I've been using since it was called Sodipodi). What we can't find is a replacement for Tinkercad.

@vik yes, that's a tricky one. Have you tried FreeCAD? Seems like it's come a long way in a fairly short time... (I haven't used it - it's been 25+ years since I spent a fair bit of time on AutoCAD - agree lack of top grade CAD is a hole in the ecosystem)

@lightweight Yes, I have tried FreeCAD. However, I cannot get a 10 or 69 year old to use FreeCAD.

Top grade CAD isn't my problem. I need to find low-end CAD to teach newbies. Believe it or not, OpenSCAD is showing promise! Nowhere near as simple but works without internet or software licences.

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