Disappointing to see that InternetNZ - that *exists* to "create an Internet for all New Zealanders that is safe, accessible and a place for good." (up until recently, their purpose was to keep the NZ Internet free, open, & neutral...) - asks you to register on a Google form... for a Slack "member only" forum... Talk about not walking the talk... Here's why what they're doing is the opposite "safe, accessible, & good": (Been a member for years but they no long resonate)

@lightweight Even Catalyst can run a Matrix server. It's not that hard ... although knowing NZ someone's going to try tie it to RealMe and that'd be a clusterfuck.

@djsumdog I've even offered to run a Rocket.Chat for them (already run half a dozen, including some here in NZ, like

@lightweight I see why they want to add the terms to their mission statement, but not at the expense of the old words

@LovesTha agreed. They still say their "vision" is "An Internet that is open, secure, and for all New Zealanders." Which, of course.

@LovesTha although, right after that, they say, as the last of their four "values": "We walk the talk."... Hmm .

@LovesTha (note, I only saw it just now, long after my first comment about them not appearing to "walk the talk". Snap.

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