@pixouls @alcinnz @maya Literacy is the table ante for participating in the digital revolution. All modern cultures go to massive lengths to help everyone attain that level.

Similarly, the tools for Gemini (and other aspects of the online world) are available at no cost, produced almost entirely by volunteers, for all who are willing to learn...

But the even low curb on the roadside is an insurmountable obstacle for those who refuse to step up.

@lightweight @pixouls @maya At the same time, there's absolutely no reason that curb needs to be there. You could build a GUI Gemini browser just as readily as you could build a pretty commandline one.

@alcinnz @pixouls @maya I don't participate in Gemini as yet, but I participate in many similar things (like the Fediverse). It's many times more work to create a GUI app than it is a CLI app. In open source communities, it is the responsibility (and opportunity) for those who want to see something different... to provide the mahi to make it happen.

@lightweight @pixouls @maya Maybe I should have emphasized that word "pretty".

A commandline client can absolutely be simpler, but I've seen ones that involves just as much code as a simple GUI browser.

@alcinnz @pixouls @maya pretty is in the eye of the beholder. For an engineer, the most beautiful thing is that which performs its intended function with the minimum of structure and investment. In that race, a CLI app will beat a GUI every time. Different people have different definitions of beauty.

@lightweight @alcinnz and obviously you posted that from a CLI interface for Mastodon, because *every time* means there are *no* other considerations that could mean a GUI could handle some intended function better


@maya @alcinnz heh - I think you misunderstand me. I'm not against graphical interfaces and I build them for the benefit of others. I just think it's the height of arrogance for someone to suggest that others are somehow deficient and even implying they're elitist for not having pro-actively built one for people who choose not to learn a perfectly serviceable CLI.

@maya @alcinnz I think it's particularly ungrateful and petulant to suggest that they build those things without offering to help them and/or compensate them for doing so.

@maya @alcinnz I should note that I write those GUIs (only web ones these days) and make them available under open source licenses.... and I'm being paid to do so, as it's my full-time job. I probably wouldn't do it if I wasn't being paid, because it's really surprisingly difficult. You can learn more about it if you like: tech.oeru.org/democratising-hi

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