Yup - listening to the New York City-based correspondent on RNZ right now... talking about her historical knowledge of Trump from the 70s/80s. I was growing up within sight of NYC at that time, and I also remember Trump's profile in the local news. He was a sack of shit then, and nothing has changed.


Wolman rink. 1970s. Look it up.

You're shitbag retarded dude. Easily, you have revealed yourself to have a low IQ. Clearly, you did not grow up around NYC. Trump was beloved in the 1970s in NYC.

NYC was a shithole after shit mayors like Abe Beame. The City (that's Manhattan, moron) was especially a shithole. The Lower East Side was nothing but heroin junkies, burnt out cars on the street, hollowed out buildings.

Seriously, you're a fucking retard born of fucking retards.

@JohnGritt heh heh. Thanks for that John. I hold you in similarly high regard, rest assured.

@lightweight When you step into the public arena, you should try to mask your retardation.

Further, Trump was beloved in the 1980s as well. Oprah loved him and had him as a guest on her show.

Decades ago, morons like you would not last a week on the Internet. Yet, in this age of coddling the mediocrity, those like you plague mankind like festering rashes upon unwiped anuses.

Better luck next time low IQ fool!

@JohnGritt all I can say is that the causes with which you list affiliation are indefensible and seems to me your manner is perfect for ensuring that you remain lonely in your despicable mission. I wish you the worst of luck, mate.

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