Ya know, I mostly abandoned Twitter (where I was active, possibly unhealthfully so) a few months back, and also disabled my "cross poster" (which only posted my Mastodon post to Twitter, not the other way around, because @Gargron said he preferred to avoid polluting the Fediverse with Twitter depravity, and I thought that was a fair point). I haven't regretted the transition.

@lightweight I never got into twitter, that Mastodon has local feeds has helped me feel at home here.

@lightweight @Gargron Occasionally I'll post first on Twitter, usually because I need to add Alt Text to an image and Mastodon doesn't support it yet as far as I can tell.

@vik I'm pretty sure that Alt Text is supported in the latest version of Mastodon... but I might need to upgrade this instance (running 3.1.3) to make it available. Planning to do that over the holidays.

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