Our Lizardarium seems to be proving fit for purpose! We're providing sanctuary to quite a few skinks now... And possibly quite a few more if you look at this female we found this morning...

@lightweight the number of skinks we disturb when waking to our letter box is disturbing.

@LovesTha in any case, I wouldn't be disturbed... unless you can be disturbed in a good way :) (I'm guessing you don't have a cat? If not, I applaud that :) )

@lightweight I'd prefer a cat to our dog. But it would not be allowed outside


@LovesTha what's wrong with your dog? (We've got a (beloved but rascally) dog, have previously had cats, but never by my choice - always brought in by flatmates prior to living as a family)

@lightweight dogs are too much maintenance, and I don't like three things that are meant to be awesome about dogs. Every way that a dog is unlike a cat I find annoying.

@LovesTha fair enough. :) I think one of the most interesting (and deep) divides among people is the "dog-person vs. cat-person" divide :)

@lightweight that said ive never had a cat, but I've enjoyed being at people with cats houses. Where the best case for visiting a home with a dog is that I don't notice they have a dog.

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