I encourage companies who have a fundamental dependence on custom software (their own SaaS or a crucial info management system or even their day-to-day productivity software) to ensure that they control that software and have in-house development expertise to customise it. If you outsource that, you're no longer an independent company. You're an effective non-voting subsidiary of whoever controls that software. More info:

This is *especially* true if that company is selling software or SaaS. I'm amazed at how many companies doing this outsource all development and expertise. Their outsourcing partner holds *all* the cards.

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@lightweight But Service Level Agreement something something 😆 😆 😆 Agree fully, Dave.

In a way web hosting services are like this. They are supposed to host our sites on servers we need to trust with our livelihoods. It's pretty strange when you think about it.

@juliank yes - although if you're managing your own webhosting, you should be able to set up system to migrate to another service provider without the original provider's help....

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