Microsoft is trying to buy up all the 'cool' stuff in the market in an attempt to make itself cooler by association... Minecraft, Github, now Guido (Benevolent Dictator For Life aka BDFL) von Rossum, creator of Python (which has been eating C#'s lunch as a programming language). Sad that interesting businesses and people sell out.

@lightweight Agreed with the 'cool stuff' schtick... Just a continuation of the traditional 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish' model they've always had but with a 'look, we're collaborating now, see!!' angle.
In Guido's case I'd like to think that they had something specific to offer him that he thinks will help the community. IBM tried that as well with some key kernel developers but they had the sense to move on when their principles were compromised... Guido may do as well :-)

@carl_klitscher here's hoping. He also worked with Google... perhaps before it became clear they were turning undeniably evil.

@carl_klitscher I think Guido is smart enough to realise that MSFT's pro- pro- PR spin only extends as far as the US (not at all to the majority of their multinational presence - they're still 99.99% proprietary). Also, interesting to hear rumours that there're major redundancies on their Azure and IIS teams...

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