People are perpetually popping up in all my media streams insisting that online voting is the way forward. It seems so obvious. And yet, it's simultaneously completely wrong. If you think that online voting is a good idea, you must (seriously, you have to) watch this video.

Realise that just about every other democracy uses a system similar to the US' (in theory at least, and only for the actual vote).

@alcinnz mostly to do with various controversies surrounding the US election. Sadly, I think that, like it or not, Trump's assertions may well have more legs than most people think. The key lies in this: (and the fact that *most state* use electronic voting machines, not a hand-marked ballot).


@alcinnz and yes, I think the electoral commissions of any state (or any country, for that matter) using electronic voting machines or (ugh) online voting, are guilty of extreme negligence. They cannot verify the legitimacy of the vote & therefore cannot categorically rule out large scale fraud. That can only be achieved with hand-marked paper ballots as a backstop. We may see a few autocratic gov'ts come to power before people learn this simple fact. Which scares this shit out of me.

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