Ok , after months of not having commenting on my blog (having decided that using Disqus was not compatible with my values), I've finally decided to use native Drupal commenting, including reply notification and moderation. Seems to work quite well! Only downside: I can't easily import the historical Disqus comments... but actually, that's probably for the best.

@lightweight Huh, wow. I haven't seen a blog with #Drupal in a long time so I got curious if it supports Webmentions (my favourite way for comments next to comments via social media backfeed). Turns out there is a plugin by @swentel (who is also the author of Indigenous for Android).

This means [probably] whopping awesome #IndieWeb support in Drupal (#ActivityPub included) which I was not aware of:

I'm intrigued. Mebbe I should give Drupal a try.

@bekopharm @swentel I've got a couple D8 sites, too, so am having a good look at injecting some into my life... thanks for the pointer!

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