“Has anyone started having discussions with their CIO/CEO about moving back to an in-house mail server? I advocate for it” cbronline.com/opinion/microsof Heh heh. Yup.

@lightweight Mail servers are the last thing I think should be in house. Having a badly configured mail server for a few days can lead to years of mail delivery problems.
(This is advocating for contracting someone to run it for you, not to stick with MS)

@lightweight note my experience is in the small end of town.

@LovesTha sure. I agree, in general, although, to be fair, running a mailserver should be "IT Professional 101" level stuff. We have MSFT to thank for the fact that expectations of IT people are so desperately low... Running a mail server really isn't that hard. Been doing it consistently for the past 20+ years.

@lightweight And when I say 'experience' I mean I set one up badly, it moved a small amount of spam for a little while and for the next decade every few months a random business contact would stop being able to send us / receive our email as their provider added our domain to their blocked list (usually through several layers of block lists including other blocked lists)

@LovesTha mailservers have their pitfalls, to be sure, but the process is tractable for those willing to invests a few hours in learning about them. I'd say it's no more learning than one would be expected to do in a standard university course...

@lightweight Yeah, but email is such a mess that a small mistake can cause pain for years.

@LovesTha the real problem with email is that it was overloaded with functionality (like HTML emails! What a horrible idea - thanks again Microsoft) that it was structurally ill suited to cope with.

So yes, in short, we need a new technology that recognises those faults and mitigates them. And yes, you're right: there're at least a few compelling heirs to that tech throne.

@lightweight Sort of surprised that Adobe didn't launch pdf email content as a html email alternative.


@LovesTha Adobe sucks just as bad as Microsoft, so I'm pleased they're not part of the email picture in any meaningful way...

@lightweight Don't get me wrong: I'm surprised they weren't evil in a way that feels natural for them. Not that I'm unhappy they weren't.

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