Despite my disgust at the NZ Gov't's unwillingness to protect NZers' privacy by making their Covid tracing app open source, I've decided to install it in the interest of social cohesion. But I do it under protest. Not good enough, NZ.

I want to try punking them about it, but I'm not sure who to address to get through.
I just keep my own GPS log for now. The whole thing is so weak. How easy would it have been to keep the qr codes in a format so anyone could easily write an app, or even just use a script to compare the history of their bog-standard barcode scanning app against a published list?

@gamayun Unfortunately, from what I can see, the process surrounding this app (and the decision makers) is obscure. Seems it's been rather shambolic all along.

@gamayun @lightweight Having your own log is only useful if you get covid19 at some point - tracers can find out where you were. However, you should also use manual sign-in at the places you visit; if another visitor gets the disease, they can contact you about it.
I use a second phone that still has google services on it to run the tracing app (my main phone is de-googled, the app fails to run on it)

I do - it's mandatory (for the premises anyway). It's good to know the app won't run without Google services. I don't have a second phone, so no app for me anyway.

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