So... I'm looking at starting a small but fairly far-reaching all-of-org, glueing-lots-of--together type project around Flask + SQLAlchemy + something JSsy (React? Vue?). Thinking TDD from the start. It's going to start quite small, but needs lots of scope to grow, mostly interacting with other things via APIs (Mautic, WP, MediaWiki, Discourse, Mastodon, Keycloak, etc.) & open data standards (ActivityPub, OpenID, Matrix, etc.) Anybody think that stack choice is a good one? Or big mistake?

And yeah, leaning more towards Vue than React for front-end stuff... (due to reading this: even though it might now be a bit out-of-date)...

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@lightweight But the other two metrics have stayed the same.

@LovesTha say no more :) (actually, though, I prefer not to make my tech decisions on the basis of what Github says :) ) but it does suggest that it's a good/viable option.

@lightweight I don't understand what you're building. But Vue is good. Lightweight and can export Web components too. For CSS, I really like Tailwind CSS. Python/Ruby on the backend can be a bit too slow, now that we have alternatives like Elixir, Golang and Crystal.

Depending on what you're building, you can skip the entire backend by simply running Hasura/Graphile/PostgREST on top of PostgreSQL and only focus on building a great frontend.

The less code you have to write, the better.

@lightweight If you simply plan to USE a lot of FOSS webapps for an org, then or custom Docker scripts to unify auth etc (the way does) might be what you want.

@nilesh We've already got all the apps running (currently Docker Compose, supporting 100k-ish users, but will scale up to Kubernetes as required). This app is designed to tie together auth (SSO) and monitoring, give users a consolidated interface rather than the slight jumble we currently have in our proof-of-concept.

@lightweight Sounds similar to Cloudron. It isn't open-source but their versions of FOSS projects with unified auth, Docker-compose infra etc seem to be available here:

@nilesh I think we're trying to do something quite different, but will have a look. Fwiw, our project only works with stuff - proprietary is incompatible with our principles.

@nilesh looking more at your learn-awesome project, too. This is us: (the site also has links to our most recent tech mix including lots of how-tos)

@lightweight Open-source technologist working on OERs sounds like a dream job to me. I'm very passionate about FOSS too. Right now, supporting some folks in India who are running a FOSS hackathon this weekend:

Been working on LearnAwesome for more than a year and have had a few conversations with related projects like OpenSyllabus , OpenLibrary etc. Haven't got many external code contributors so need to think about sustainability.

@nilesh all sound like interesting, useful initiatives. And yes, sustainability is always a challenge, especially given how the subset of people who can both really understand & appreciate the value of education projects is vanishingly small... :( Lots of advocacy work still to do.

@nilesh and yes, I've ended up in a plum role for sure! I'm very fortunate.

@nilesh I'm all for minimising code... Will have to have a look at PostgREST - I'm a big fan of Postgres in general, and would prefer to, for example, avoid Mongo given Postgres' JSON field type...

@lightweight Vue is also the choice adopted by MediaWiki.

My current favorite is Svelte, which is tiny and easy to incrementally adopt. It feels the most like standard HTML/JS/CSS.

@jimt good to know regarding Vue... and haven't heard of Svelte - you're the second to point that way... will investigate.

@lightweight For back end right now I’d choose Go or Deno. For front end I take a generally skeptical view of frameworks and prefer to just write ES6 unless the framework offers some obvious win.

@lightweight if you're choosing Python anyway, you're not losing much by just going all in with Django. The orm is easier than sqlalchemy, and Django REST Framework is your friend. Depending on what you need it to do, there's Wagtail too which has more batteries.

@jonathanharker At this stage, having done a bit of Django work, I'm keen to have a crack at Flask... will keep it in mind, though. Thanks Jonathan!

@lightweight also vue is very similar to angular 1.x so you can get cracking with it if you have angular XP. AngularJS 1.x to Vue is much easier than to the Angular rewrite.

@jonathanharker Thanks... I've also had Svelte recommended... any opinions on that option?

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