Nice post from Paul Brislen for ITP's Techblog - One has to wonder why MSFT wasn't included, as one of the Frightful Five...

I suppose they already handed US Congress' ass to them back in the Anti-trust days of yore. I still remember all the prosecution's affidavits were written in Microsoft Word. Struck me as an absurd conflict of interest. I suppose that a drug addict never rats on his dealer.

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@lightweight Microsoft got pounded pretty good in Judge Jackson's court. It was the appeals court (after US elections switched presidency from Dem to GOP) that reduced Jackson's remedy to a slap on the wrist.

@lightweight Most law firms were using WordPerfect in those days, not Word. (Many on OS/2 as well.)

@lwriemen I can just remember some of the depositions being published as PDFs with the default titles of "Microsoft Word" (visible in most PDFs today, too, because nobody ever bothers to change the metadata, thereby giving MSFT free/unintentional advertising). I see it on all PDFs produced by the NZ gov't, for example.

@lightweight @lwriemen I'm pretty sure the outcome of that metadata is more of a red face for the organisation putting them out than advertising for MS, but both are negligible.

@LovesTha @lwriemen I see it on 90% of PDFs that I read, mostly from gov't sources. It's clearly the purposeful default, designed for subliminal marketing.

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