What's the last thing you want to do when you've just lost your job & everything feels precarious & we're in a recession? Start a business!! (At best, only 20% of those last more than 2 years in NZ - miserable odds)

Can I get a "Hell. no."?

NZ National are tone deaf and without vision.

Talk about setting people - already feeling understandably insecure - up for failure.

Better approach, National, would be to focus on Gov't using local, NZ-based & *owned* businesses instead of throwing money overseas to foreign multinationals like you always have (and like NZ Labour still does). Kill the multinationals dependency. It does (nearly) none of us any good.

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@lightweight It always surprises me that the right doesn't try to frame xenophobic protectionist policies as attempting to protect the environment and working conditions. By say making free trade contingent on supply chains that conform to local environment and labour laws.

It feels like an easy line to convince both sides of politics as being a good idea.

@lightweight Nervous breakdowns will fill the health system. National always wrecks the retirement savings schemes Sods.

@AuldFeyHag Yeah, there's not a lot positive I could say about them... although I suppose they come unencumbered by previous principles and values they'd have to change... ("expedience" is the absence of principle :) )

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