So, turns out that the IRS' online tax service don't work for me as an overseas person trying to meet their hypocritical (the US was founded on "no taxation without representation!" and we expats aren't represented) FATCA tax requirements... Their phone services are dodgy as - been on hold for nearly 2 hrs already (not toll-free), with one disconnect in after my first 1 hr wait, shortly after providing proof of identity to the operator. Sooo frustrating.

The description "world's richest third world country" comes to mind.

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Which is hilarious because the USA literally invented the terms First, Second & Third World to mean USA's allies, neutral or not, respectively. If the USA is effectively a Third World country (according to the contemporary understanding of the term) then the USA is figuratively not one of the USA's allies. Hilarious.

@lightweight I do love the hipocracy in the US taxing anyone who isn't able to vote.

@lightweight I think the US government should expect the same back from it's citizens: No rights without a vote.

@lightweight I feel your pain. And sense of justice. Kids born in foreign soil to an American parent will have to file taxes even if they never set foot in the United States.

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