Nextcloud wins *all* subcategories in this German survey for cloud data service providers (including MS, Apple, Dropbox, and Google)...

But what about billions invested in legendary* "ease of use" by the proprietary providers? And "free" (loss leading) services?

*not legit legends. These are made up by paid PR firms

@eryn how is it inconsistent to you? (And do you think that any of the others are "more consistent"? :) )

file storage, mild language 

file storage, mild language 

@lightweight have you ever migrated an OwnCloud instance to NextCloud? Guides are there but an experience report would be better.

@trenz Yes, I did it, although it was quite some time ago (around version 12 of NC)...

@trenz for what it's worth, it was quick and painless from memory... biggest trick is to make sure you disable apps that aren't compatible between systems and make sure you've got configuration in place for NC. Good to compare the sample NC config with your OC config...

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