In NZ, if we're teaching kids in high school how to do digital art, these are the tools we should be using: We shouldn't be using the "first hit's free" proprietary tools (from foreign multinationals like Adobe) that will force them into a continuous cycle of paying to access their own creativity once they leave school.


Hah. This rather relevant post just arrived in my inbox from the Free Software Foundation:

@lightweight While I completely agree, I'm pretty sure that doesn't make the list of top 100 things that need fixing in the US right now. Would like to see it gain traction locally though.

@LovesTha The US is completely fucked (speaking as an expat). I'm thinking of other countries that have at least a tenuous grip on democracy and social justice, and a culture that isn't built around idiocracy. Sadly, I'm not being facetious.

@LovesTha (sorry if that seemed a big escalation :) - it's been a topic of extensive discussion and lamentation elsewhere today)

@lightweight Oh, stating that the US is Fucked is never an escalation. It could be the phrased used as a greeting in a possible dystopian future.

@lightweight Yeah. Even in Australia there is way too much corporate cronyism around textbooks. If a government entity pays to have content created, the created content should be freely available. That is many steps below requiring free software used in schools, but even that is beyond nearly all jurisdictions.

@LovesTha yes, the corruption and hypocrisy are both epidemic, globally.

@LovesTha corporations and their complete control of our "democracies" is the biggest threat facing the world today.

@lightweight I don't think they have complete control, but there is definitely a threat of it, and reducing their hold on governments would be very nice.

Not sure how we can do it though.

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